Corbin, Austin (1827-1896)
. A lawyer and banker in Davenport, Iowa, when N.C. Hudson lived there in 1855. I knew nothing about Corbin, and was surprised to find that he was an important, interesting and controversial industrial developer who owned two and a half miles of Brooklyn, NY, shoreline, and displaced an Indian tribe to get it. His character and the naming of things after him are still hotly debated on the Internet today. On his death by carriage accident, he was said to be worth 40 million dolalrs in 1896 money. I'll give a few links:
. Austin Corbin in Wikipedia
. Corbin Park Timeline
. Banking and Affiliation in Iowa
. Railroads and Hotels
. Long Island Railway
. Death Notice and Obituary, NY Times
. Discussion of Corbin's anti-Semitism and the Corbin Building
. "A Street Named Trouble," NY Times
. Brooklyn's Hitler Street
. On this Blog
Fletcher, Ella
. A friend from Townshend, Vermont. Daughter of the Baptist minister. After graduating from Leland Seminary in Townshend, Vermont, about 1854, she taught school at the Appleton Academy in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.
Harney, William S.
General in the U.S. Army, in command at the massacre called "Battle of Ash Hollow," 1855.
Howe, Benjamin (Ben Howe or How)
. b. 1829, probably Townshend, Vermont
. One of N.C. Hudson's best friends from their school days in Townshend, Vermont. Also friends with George Lewis Joy and William Leonard Joy.
. Ben Howe Genealogy
Hudson, Jerome Holman
. Brother of N.C. Hudson
. U.S. Cavalry letters are in the Denver Public Library
Hudson, Nathaniel Carlos (N.C. Hudson)
. Biographical Info

. One of the primary authors of this collection. Son of Holman Hudson and Clarissa Oakes Hudson of Vermont. Married Helen R. Joy.
Hudson, Napoleon Bonaparte
. Brother of N.C. Hudson and one of the primary authors of this collection. Yes, that is his given name. Click here to read more and see his Civil War letters on my other blog.
Joy, Helen Rosetta (Helen R. "Nelly" Joy)
. One of the primary authors of this collection. Married N.C. Hudson.
Joy, George Lewis (called "George Lewis")
. Son of William Howe Joy and Hetty Leonard Joy, brother of Helen R. Joy and William Leonard ("Leonard") Joy. Businessman and entrepreneur, a founder of Corona, California. Married Ella Louise Skinner. Mentioned periodically in our letters.
. Descendency Chart
Leonard, Helen
. Cousin of Helen R. Joy on her mother's side
Nash, Charles Whipps (C.W. Nash)
. A law school classmate of N.C. Hudson's. They continued their friendship and business dealings in Iowa.
. See Joy, Helen Rosetta
Thompson, William B.
. A resident of Sioux City. N.C. Hudson successfully defended him in a murder trial.

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